The Dark Times have pushed the citizens of the Empire to their limit…
The years following the execution of Order 66 were bleak for the entire galaxy. The Jedi were nearly hunted to extinction, leaving behind only a small number of Old Republic exiles who hide their talents, identities, and very existence in order to escape death. The descendants of Force users go about their lives without training and sometimes even without knowledge of their abilities. Local law enforcement has been replaced by cruel legions of Stormtroopers and battle droids, local governments substituted with fascist Imperial Moffs and overseers. Organized crime runs rampant and swoop gangs rule the streets, leaving citizens both afraid to walk the streets at night and unable to get help from corrupt authorities whose pockets are lined with dirty money. Whole planets have been razed by the Imperial Navy, along with the entire populaces of planets like Kashyyk and Mon Calamari enslaved. Imperial citizens have become complacent, nervous, and taciturn; the common people have been all but broken by the Imperial Regime.

However, the seeds of a new era have been rooted firmly in the ground. In back alleys, scummy cantinas, and ruined apartment blocks, there are quiet whispers of rebellion. Attacks against the Empire are slowly but steadily gaining in frequency, severity, and complexity, just out of earshot of the common rabble. When a newly-formed group of resistance leaders is imprisoned, it is up to a ragtag band of strangers to rescue them. The actions of these fated few will eventually envelop the galaxy in civil war, and give birth to the Rebel Alliance. This story follows these unlikely heroes as they struggle to instill hope and justice in a time filled with peril, tyranny, and darkness.

Seeds of Rebellion

Seeds of rebellion