Sourcebooks and Extra Rules

Rule Book Locations

Since the rule books all went out of print when Wizards of the Coast lost their licensing, all officially published rule books are available for free. There are many torrent and download sites hosting them, this website being one such example.

Edited Rules

  • I will be using the Equipment Modification rules from Chapter 2 of the Scum and Villainy rule book.
  • Extra gear from the various rule books will be selectively uploaded to both the Equipment and Weapons and Armor wiki pages in order to keep the game balanced.
  • Like gear, extra races from the other supplements will be selectively added to the Races wiki page.
  • The Backgrounds from Chapter 1 of the Rebellion Era Campaign Guide will replace the Destiny mechanic from the Core rule book.

Sourcebooks and Extra Rules

Seeds of Rebellion Voidworm