Weapons and Armor

Melee Weapons

Simple Weapons

  • Axe – The more primitive cousin of the vibroaxe. Axes come in all makes and models.
  • Short sword – A weapon of ancient design still favored by duelists. Often used in pairs.
  • War sword – Also known as the long sword, a durable weapon despite being primitive. Often used as status symbols by Imperial higher-ups and mercenaries.
  • Dire sword – An archaic weapon still used in fight clubs and gladiator battles, the dire sword is simply a larger version of the war sword.
  • Double-bladed Sword – Two blades attached by a single hilt in the center, a special weapon used by only talented swordsmen.

Advanced Weapons

  • Dire Vibroblade – A variation of the common vibroblade that is about the same size as a war sword and wielded with two hands.
  • Double Vibroblade – Two vibrating blades attached to a single hilt in the center. An uncommon sight and unwieldy in the hands of those untrained.

Ranged Weapons

Simple Weapons

  • Crossbow, repeating – A crossbow that automatically restocks the next bolt after being fired. Primitive and often used only by skilled hunters seeking a challenge.


  • Blaster, subrepeating – An autofire weapon intended for close-quarters combat, preferred by bounty hunters that want to pack a lot of firepower in a small package.
  • Ascension Gun – A heavy blaster pistol that fires a grappling hook attached to a strong syntherope. Can be used to ascend vertically or to create a zipline.


  • Scattergun – An old weapon favored by pirates and vanguard soldiers, the scattergun fires pellets (as opposed to energy) that spread out over a short range.
  • Blaster Rifle, sniper – A heavier, stronger version of the blaster rifle featuring a bipod, it functions best at long range and requires careful aim before firing.

Heavy Weapons

  • Rotary Blaster Cannon – The larger, meaner cousin of the heavy repeating blaster, the blaster cannon has a larger weapon spread, great for suppressive fire.
  • Flame Cannon – The flamethrower’s big brother. It has a longer range, higher burn temperature, and larger fuel canister.


Light Armor

  • Half-vest – A protective vest that is light and easy to conceal under regular clothes.
  • Shadowsuit – A tight black bodysuit made of shadowsilk, a fiber that absorbs light and sound. The hands and feet are equipped with soundproof padding to further reduce noise.
  • Battle Armor, light – Stripped-down battle armor composed of a chest plate, shin guards, and (optionally) a helmet. Sacrifices protection for mobility.
  • Battle Armor, light, powered – An upgraded version of light Battle Armor, this suit of armor comes pre-wired to a power source, allowing auxiliary attachments. It also includes a pre-installed helmet package.
  • Marine Armor – One of the most high-tech suits on the market, this armor is composed of a body suit, armor plating, and a vacuum-sealed helmet. It also features magnetic soles, a life-support system, and an aquatic propulsion device mounted on the back.

Medium Armor

  • Weave Armor – A suit of armor composed of a durable fiber instead of traditional armor plates, allowing for more flexibility and agility while still maintaining solid protection.
  • Battle Armor, powered – A mechanized suit of armor that comes pre-wired to a power source, allowing auxiliary attachments. It includes a pre-installed helmet package.
Heavy Armor
  • Matrix Armor – Sacrificing aesthetics for protection, this suit’s armor plates have been bonded to Starship plating, allowing it to resist even the strongest attacks.
  • Battle Armor, heavy, powered – This heavy armor set has been mechanized and pre-wired to a power source, allowing auxiliary attachments. It includes a pre-installed helmet package.

Weapons and Armor

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